Finance the acquisition of land, the construction and sale of four residences in Bascharage, Luxembourg.

THE Project

The Rischard project consists of the acquisition of a plot of land, the construction of four residences with luxury apartments and the sale of the 14 flats and 22 off-plan parking spaces. The project is ideally located in Bascharage, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The project is accompanied by a 1st demand guarantee and second mortgage on the land.

Rischard interior


Rischard salon



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Financing conditions

0 month
Gross interest rate
0 % per year
Maximum investment
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This project is part of BeeBonds' partnership with the United Fund for Belgium (UFB), a non-profit organisation fighting against social exclusion in Belgium. 

BeeBonds will donate a portion of its fees to UFB for each new investor participating in this campaign.


Promotional communication: investing in a participatory financing project involves risks, including the risk of total or partial loss of the capital invested. Return on investment is not guaranteed. Participatory finance services are not covered by the deposit guarantee scheme established in accordance with Directive 2014/49/EU and that securities or instruments admitted for participatory finance purposes acquired through their participatory finance platform are not covered by the investor compensation scheme established in accordance with Directive 97/9/EC.

Non-sophisticated investors have a pre-contractual cooling-off period of 4 calendar days during which they may withdraw their investment offer at any time. Before investing, please read the key investment information sheet. For individuals resident in Belgium for tax purposes, interest income is subject to a withholding tax of 30%.

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Project sponsor

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KABE Invest Sàrl

Founded by Fabien Buso and Paul Koepp in 2019, KABE is a family business that brings together a diversity of real estate skills and highlights its expertise in collective housing. KABE specialises in designing homes that fit in with individual lifestyles while respecting the environment. Urban residential property occupies a central place in its activities, and the company approaches all its projects with the same concern for quality, whatever their scale.


Paul Koepp

Managing Partner

Paul KOEPP comes from the world of construction, with over 35 years' experience at Hannus, a company that has been working in the materials sector for 3 generations. He has a wealth of experience in building projects.

Fabien Buso

Managing Partner

Fabien BUSO holds a master's degree in economics and finance, and has specialised in tax and financial consultancy for companies within a major bank for the past 8 years. Today, it is his desire to be an entrepreneur that has led him to join forces with his father-in-law to found KABE.


An overview of KABE's projects


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Project 88 (2021)


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Funded project

Minimum : 600.000 €
FINANCED : 800.000 €

Finance the acquisition of land, construction and off-plan sale of four residences in Bascharage, Luxembourg.

Issue date



1.5 year

Interest rates


Minimum investment

100 €