Finance the purchase of a manor house including a building plot on the edge of the magnificent Egmont Park in Brussels.



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THE Project

The Egmont project consists of the acquisition of a mansion including a building plot located on the edge of the magnificent Egmont Park in Brussels, with the aim of developing 7 quality flats for resale.


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Communication à caractère promotionnel - Subscribing to a Capital Raising involves an element of risk for the investor with regard to the repayment of capital and the payment of interest due. Before investing, please read the information memorandum. For individuals resident in Belgium for tax purposes, interest received is subject to a withholding tax of 30%.

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Project owners

Egmont Capital SRL

Egmont Capital SRL was incorporated in May 2022 to undertake the Egmont House project exclusively. The two directors, Alban Déjardin-Verkinder and Michaël WednerThe two companies have already successfully raised funds via BeeBonds for the 'OurCrib' projects through M²A Invest (one round has already been repaid). A third round of financing is in progress for the 'Sablon Houses' project via SRL Sablon Capital.


Alban Déjardin-Verkinder


Alban Déjardin-Verkinder is a young entrepreneur who gained his experience on the Luxembourg financial markets. He left the financial world in 2018 to put his expertise in fund structuring and management to work on the 'OurCrib' project, a co-living concept based on houses in sought-after neighbourhoods.

Michaël Wedner


Michaël Wedner est diplômé en économie et finances de l’ULB. L’immobilier a toujours été son terrain d’action. Il est aujourd’hui spécialiste des investissements immobiliers pour les avoir conseillés de nombreuses années au sein de différents Family Offices, chez Cushman & Wakefield et en suite chez ING où il a exercé de 2008 à mars 2022.


An overview of the projects led by Alban Déjardin-Verkinder and Michaël Wedner.

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Our Crib

Project to renovate 5 single-family homes for CoLiving, which is part of a 'property as a service' trend and meets a fast-growing demand from the Millennials generation.

The project includes :

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Sablon Capital

Project to acquire 2 magnificent houses in the Sablon district. The acquisition of these properties, which have already been renovated, has enabled us to introduce the concept of letting luxury properties in high-quality urban areas.

The project includes :

Funded project

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Minimum : 1.200.000 €
FINANCED : 1.800.000 €

Finance the acquisition of a mansion including a buildable lot located on the edge of the magnificent Egmont Park in Brussels, with the aim of developing 7 high-end apartments for resale.

Issue date



3 years

Interest rates


Minimum investment

500 €