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BeeBonds lowers entry threshold to €100

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Like the State Bond, crowdlending aims to mobilise and boost public savings

28 August, Brussels - BeeBonds, the European-approved crowdfunding platform, is permanently lowering the entry threshold to €100 for all its projects. In doing so, the institution is placing itself on the same footing as the popular State bond, which also sets the minimum at 100 euros. Ultimately, both have the same objective: to get savings out of savings accounts and put them to productive use.

The sad reality today is that high inflation means a sharp fall in the purchasing power of savings. In other words, with inflation at 7 %, your savings lose value. Since the low interest rates on savings accounts do not cover the deficit, it is incomprehensible that today more than 300 billion euros are still blocked in the savings accounts of Belgian banks. This reluctance on the part of savers to inject their money into the real economy can probably be explained by the fact that, despite everything, they still have confidence in the banking institution, fear of risk and, above all, lack of knowledge about investment alternatives.

Savers will have no choice but to turn to these more profitable but also riskier alternatives if they do not want to see the value of their savings fall. Bond investments offer an answer. The introduction of the one-year government bond and the rush to buy it are already provoking a change in mentality among savers: "for a higher return, I have to move my savings".

The minimum investment of €100 makes government bonds accessible to everyone. At BeeBonds, we are doing the same and for the next bond issue, Broperties, which starts on Tuesday 29 August, we are permanently lowering the minimum deposit to 100 euros. BeeBonds aims to enable young investors to invest and save from an early age. The fact that the Broperties issue offers a yield of 8.5 % gross per annum (30 % withholding tax) only adds to its appeal.

"The EUR 100 issue is accessible to everyone. It's no coincidence that we're lowering the bar at the moment. With Broperties, we are focusing on sustainability and energy efficiency: themes that resonate with young investors and that we will continue to develop in the years to come. With their savings, they can have an immediate impact on the real, green economy. What's more, young investors are increasingly aware that they themselves will have to make the necessary financial efforts if they want to enjoy a good retirement"  explains Joël Duysan, CEO of BeeBonds.

Ultimately, crowdlending and the new government bond share the same objective: to take billions of savings out of the banks and put them to work more productively. It's good to know that these investments also offer higher returns.

About BeeBonds
BeeBonds, a crowdfunding platform specialising in real estate and accredited as an Equity Crowdfunding Service Provider (ECSP), enables project owners or landlords to obtain additional financing, ranging from €500k to €5M, and offers investors (individuals or legal entities) the possibility of booking attractive returns. BeeBonds' added value is to democratise access to projects usually reserved for professional investors, with the same quality of analysis. For each project financed, BeeBonds donates a beehive to a beekeeper (the beehive symbolises the participative financing model supported by the platform). To date, 60 hives, representing several million bees, have been donated by BeeBonds.

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Press contact:
Joël Duysan
CEO, BeeBonds