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Why a bee?

BeeBonds cares about the environment.

For each project financed on the platform, Beebonds undertakes to sponsor a beehive, in partnership with UKeepersurban beekeepers.

Protecting bees is a major challenge for our planet. Bees are essential to maintaining biodiversity, which is why BeeBonds wants to do its bit. Finally, the fascinating way in which beehives work is a perfect illustration of the model of solidarity and usefulness defended by BeeBonds in its approach to participative financing.

One funded project = one beehive

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New colonies thanks to BeeBonds sponsorship

In high season, a bee colony can number up to 60,0000 individuals. The hives donated by BeeBonds are home to hundreds of thousands of bees, which pollinate and help green the city. As you can see, BeeBonds' contribution enables Ukeepers to develop its colonies.

Who is UKeepers, BeeBonds' urban beekeeping partner?

Ukeepers is an urban agriculture project based in Brussels. Its two founders, Alexandre Lefebvre and Dorian Pavel, have been working to develop beekeeping that respects bees and the environment since 2016. Their credo: to promote the circular economy, local and sustainable food and raise awareness of environmental protection.

Did you know? Urban honey is reputed to be of exceptional quality, since bees gather a wide variety of flowers thanks to the absence of large-scale monocultures in the city. The honey is laboratory-tested every year to confirm this exceptional quality. 

Why do we need to protect bees?

The lack of plants due to intensive farming, which is reducing biodiversity, the ravages of the Asian hornet and the increased use of pesticides, insecticides and plant protection products are the main reasons why bees are dying out. 

Are you curious? Find out where our hives are located

Our hives can be found all over Brussels and the surrounding area: on the roofs of the Etterbeek barracks, in a field belonging to the restaurant-nursery Les Terres D'ici, at the Ferme du Parc Maximilien, an educational farm in the centre of the town, and at the Martin's EU Brussels, located right in the heart of the European Quarter.

Discover the story of our beekeeper Alexandre Lefebvre in the podcast

Founder of Ukeepers, Alexandre Lefebvre is a passionate beekeeper who wears many hats. He is also the director of thea Maximilien Park Farm. To record this episode, we went to meet him. We placed our microphones between the bees and the animals and Alexandre told us his story. Enjoy listening!