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Investing in crowdfunding as a company

Get a return between
6 and 10% of gross annual interest

from €100

Boost Invest your cash flow

What are the benefits for investors?

Innovative and profitable projects

Simple financial product

Marketable debt instrument

Team of experts

Does your company have excess cash? Find out how to make them grow by investing in crowdfunding with your company. This is an alternative to traditional types of investment, such as buying shares on the stock market.

Crowdfunding on BeeBonds is open to legal entities such as :

  • Management company,
  • SME,
  • A large company,
  • Associations,
  • Other forms of legal entity.

Participating in a corporate equity campaign is an opportunity to make an investment with :

  1. a high potential return; and
  2. a benefit to the local economy through the projects your company's investment directly supports.

With BeeBonds, discover and invest free of charge in local projects and benefit from attractive returns on your savings.

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The Bonds offered are debt instruments. Making a loan to an SME exposes you to the risk of losing all or part of your investment. For individuals resident in Belgium for tax purposes, the interest received is subject to a withholding tax of 30%. Before investing, please read the information note relating to the project.

What happens when I make a corporate investment in a BeeBonds project?

Your company will receive the gross annual interest applicable in the campaign concerned (on average 7.7% gross) for a fixed period of 2 to 5 years, depending on the project. Interest received by a legal entity is not subject to withholding tax.

At the end of the project, your company recovers the principal of the loan granted.

For the duration of the investment, you can track the status and maturities of your company's online investor account on the BeeBonds platform. 

Here's an example:

You invest €10,000 in a 3-year project offering a return of 8% gross per year (illustration).
The total amount you will have received will therefore be €12,400, which is €2,400 more than your initial cash balance.

Bitmap 2

How do you invest in a company?

Several thousand investors have helped to finance 60 projects for more than €61 million since the creation of the BeeBonds platform.

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Yes, all you have to do is create a free "Corporate Person" account.

Participation in the crowdfunding campaigns offered on BeeBonds is therefore open to all legal entities. 

So you can create an account for companies, such as :

  • Limited liability company (SRL)
  • Public limited company (SA)
  • Cooperative Society (SC)
  • Simple partnership
  • Unlimited liability companies, such as general partnerships (SNC) and limited liability companies (SNC).
  • Limited partnership (SComm)
  • European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG)
  • European Company (SE) and
  • European Cooperative Society (SCE). 

In addition, associations can also invest in BeeBonds campaigns:

  • Non-profit association (ASBL) 
  • International non-profit association (AISBL) 

In Belgium, legal entities are required to declare interest income themselves. No withholding tax is applied by Beebonds. Therefore, legal entities receive the gross amount applicable to the campaigns financed and are required to declare them on the basis of the corporation tax system. 

It's simple: the amount that the company has to repay to investors at a high rate represents only a small part of the project's financing (around 20%).

The company pays:
- To the bank: a low rate but for a high amount;
- To the investors: a high rate but for a much lower amount. So the company can pay high yields to investors without putting the project at financial risk.

For each bond, the 'coupon' is the regular income generated by each bond based on the interest rate paid to bondholders.

Interest is paid once a year on the anniversary date of the bond issue.

The amount paid is based on the rate set out in the information memorandum.

Interest is paid directly into your bank account (entered in your investor profile).

The capital is repaid on the maturity date of the bond set out in the prospectus.

Funded companies are obliged to provide quarterly reports informing you of the progress of the project. 

You can consult this information on the BeeBonds platform (in the project section).

All investments involve risk.

The projects proposed by BeeBonds are analysed by a team of experts (financial and legal) and validated by its selection committee. The results of these analyses are set out in the information memorandum and the descriptive memorandum for each project (available on the

For each project financed on the platform, BeeBonds sponsors a beehive in partnership with the urban beekeepers U Keepers.