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Support local projects and boost your savings

With BeeBonds, discover and invest in projects free of charge and benefit from attractive returns on your savings.


Simple financial product

Invest in a bond not correlated to the volatility of the financial markets.


Innovative and profitable projects

Invest in transparent and understandable projects with potential. Average interest rate between 6 and 8%.

A team of experts

Benefit from the expertise and of the selection committee.


They are talking about BeeBonds.

Discover crowdlending with BeeBonds

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1st ranking mortgage

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Dream House

Finance the acquisition of 6 properties in Gooik, Halle and Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, their renovation and the sale of 22 flats.

Issue date

Coming soon



Interest rates


Minimum investment

100 €

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Who can invest with BeeBonds?

Investing your money in the right project and reaping the rewards is easier than ever.



BeeBonds Blog

BeeBonds lowers entry threshold to €100

BeeBonds is permanently lowering the entry threshold to €100 for all its projects. This places BeeBonds on the same footing as the popular government bond, which also sets a minimum entry threshold of €100. Ultimately, both have the same objective: to get savings out of savings accounts and into productive work.

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European accreditation ECSP

BeeBonds obtains European ECSP accreditation

BeeBonds, the Brussels-based crowdfunding platform, is proud to announce that it has obtained European accreditation as a Participatory Finance Service Provider (PSFP).

This accreditation represents official recognition of BeeBonds' compliance with enhanced European crowdfunding standards, and demonstrates the platform's commitment to offering reliable, transparent and professional services.

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BeeBonds cares about the environment

One funded project = One beehive!
BeeBonds has chosen to actively support bees by sponsoring new beehives in partnership with

BeeBonds :
Approved alternative funding platform

BeeBonds is recognised by the FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority) as a crowdfunding platform.

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