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BeeBonds obtains European ECSP accreditation

European accreditation ECSP

Press release

BeeBonds obtains European ECSP accreditation, demonstrating its compliance with strict governance and compliance standards in the crowdfunding sector

4 July 2023, Brussels - BeeBonds, the Brussels-based crowdfunding platform is proud to announce that it has obtained European accreditation as a Participative Finance Service Provider (PSFP).

 This accreditation represents official recognition of BeeBonds' compliance with enhanced European crowdfunding standards, and demonstrates the platform's commitment to offering reliable, transparent and professional services.

Further official recognition of BeeBonds' compliance

The procedure for obtaining PSFP authorisation, supervised by the FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority), is extremely rigorous and aims to ensure that providers of participative financing services meet the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. 

Here is an overview of the requirements BeeBonds satisfied:

  • Integrity and professionalism: BeeBonds is committed to acting honestly, fairly and professionally, always putting its customers' interests first.
  • Minimum due diligence: BeeBonds carries out due diligence on project sponsors and implements a project selection procedure based on in-depth financial and legal analysis.
  • Transparent handling of complaints: BeeBonds has put in place effective and transparent procedures to ensure that customer complaints are dealt with quickly, fairly and consistently.
  • Managing conflicts of interest: BeeBonds scrupulously complies with the requirements relating to conflicts of interest.
  • Prudential safeguards: BeeBonds complies with specific prudential safeguards, offering security to investors and project sponsors.

Obtaining ECSP approval is an important step for BeeBonds and opens up the European market to us." says Joël Duysan, CEO of BeeBonds. " This new official recognition testifies to our commitment to our customers and our concern for transparency, integrity and compliance with the regulations in force. We will continue to strive to offer a secure, reliable and efficient crowdfunding platform.

What are the implications for BeeBonds investors?

Lydia Barcelona Paredes (COO of BeeBonds) points out that "PSFP approval introduces a regulatory framework that ensures investor protection. As a result, the amount that anyone can invest in a campaign will depend in particular on the investor's profile and the results of a knowledge and experience test. This ensures that our customers invest responsibly and in line with their financial situation and investment objectives."

In practical terms, current BeeBonds investors are invited to update their profile by logging on to the platform. New investors will be subject to a harmonised registration procedure that complies with European standards.

About BeeBonds

BeeBonds, a crowdfunding platform specialising in real estate, approved as a Participatory Finance Service Provider (PSFP) in application of the European Regulation of 7 October 2020, enables project owners to obtain additional financing ranging from €500k to €5M, from investors (individuals or legal entities) looking for an attractive potential return.

Our added value is to democratise access to projects usually reserved for professional investors, with the same quality of analysis. For each project financed, BeeBonds donates a beehive to a beekeeper (the beehive symbolising the participative financing model supported by the platform). To date, 60 hives and several million bees have been donated by BeeBonds.

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Press contact:
Joël Duysan
CEO, BeeBonds