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Our hives

One funded project = one beehive

For each funded project on the platform, Beebonds undertakes to sponsor a beehive, in partnership with UKeepers.

On 9 September 2023, BeeBonds inaugurated new beehives with its partner Ukeepers at Martin's Brussels EUin the heart of the European quarter.

In 2022, BeeBonds inaugurated new hives with its partner Ukeepers on the site of La Ferme du Parc Maximilien, a haven of tranquillity in the heart of Brussels.

See photos of the project:

20221002 Beehives 10
20221002 Beehives 2
20221002 Beehives 1
20221002 Beehives 14
eco city hive
20221002 Beehives 13
Beehive Jeanne
Callista beehive
Beehive Eco Residence Instagram post
ICM Promotions beehive
Everland beehive
Keringer beehive
Sablon Houses beehive
Wesold beehive with logo
Let's create together
Ruche Claridge Immo

The Parc Maximilien Farm is home to many animals, but is also a pleasant place to take a stroll. Yet right in the centre of town, this island of greenery offers a moment of calm away from the hustle and bustle of the capital.

Here's how to get there:

In 2021, BeeBonds inaugurated 15 beehives with its partner Ukeepers at Les Terres d'ici, an ecological farm that promotes production without the use of chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

Discover this project in pictures :

BeeBonds beehives Terres d'ici
Alexandre Lefebvre Ukeepers BeeBonds
Alexandre Lefebvre BeeBonds
Team BeeBonds beehivesTerres d'ici
Beehive BXL@HOME BeeBonds Terres d'ici
Pépinière Terres d'Ici
DENINVEST BeeBonds beehive
Ukeepers beehive
Alexandre Lefebvre Ukeepers Terres d'Ici
Beehives DWPROPERTIES Terres d'ICI
Alexandre Lefebvre
Terres d'Ici EMERGO beehive
Hive CARRIERES10 Terres d'Ici
Alexandre Lefebvre Terres d'Ici
Beehive CUBIX Terres d'Ici
Our Cribe hive Terres d'ici
OURCRIB1 hive Terres d'ici
Beehives ECO LOGIS Terres d'ici
Beehive QUARTZ Terres d'ici
Beehives ECO RESIDENCE Terres d'ici
Beehive YOGAROOM Terres d'ici
Beehive YUST Terres d'ici
Beehive QMEDICAL Terres d'ici
Beehive PITAYA Terres d'ici

Les Terres d'ici is: gardens, a restaurant, a nursery. A place for young and old to share knowledge.

If you're planning a family getaway, here's how to get there:


In 2020, BeeBonds inaugurated new beehives with the support of its partner Alexandre Lefebvre, founder of Ukeepers, on the site of See U, the former Fritz Toussaint gendarmerie barracks in Ixelles.

See photos of this project:

Joël Duysan Alexandre Lefebvre BeeBonds
Alexandre Lefebvre Joël Duysan SeeU
Alexandre Lefebvre Ukeepers
Alexandre Lefebvre Joël Duysan SeeU
Beehive Next day group BeeBonds
Alexandre Lefebvre Ukeepers Abeille
Inside BeeBonds hive
Alexandre Lefebvre beekeeping Ukeepers
See U Alexandre Lefebvre
BOV BeeBonds hive
Alexandre Lefebvre SeeU beehive
BeeBonds VDD hive
Beehive DV Company BeeBonds
Beehives SeeU Alexandre Lefebvre
BBR Plus BeeBonds hive
SeeU BeeBonds hives
Alexandre Lefebvre bees hives
Frime invest BeeBonds beehive
BeeBonds Joël Duysan Ukeepers
NDCS BeeBonds hive
Ruche Cayman Group
Alexandre Lefebvre Ukeepers
Beehive CUBIX Real estate BeeBonds
BeeBonds Ukeepers

Located in the heart of Ixelles, See U is today Belgium's largest temporary occupation synonymous with social and sustainable innovation, learning and experimentation.

Here is their address: