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David Dumoulin presents the Mediport campaign in Antwerp (Podcast)

Mediport podcast

Discover David Dumoulin, administrator of the Mediport project in Antwerp, in a new episode of our podcast.

Mediport is the future medical centre of reference for diagnosis and preventive healthcare.

With an ideal location opposite ZAS Cadiz, state-of-the-art equipment thanks to a partnership with GE Healthcare and an experienced team led by Zvi Donat, this project has all the cards to offer a unique, high-quality healthcare experience.

In this episode, David Dumoulin gives us an insight into Mediport's ambition and its potential impact on the health of the local community and beyond. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, patients will be able to benefit from accurate and rapid diagnosis for the most complex illnesses, as well as personalised monitoring to prevent chronic diseases.

Mediport also aims to become a leading research centre in Antwerp. How do we achieve this? By collaborating with universities and medical technology companies. This will enable the development of scientific advances and innovative treatments to improve patients' quality of life.

This project also offers a unique opportunity for investors to contribute to improving public health while earning attractive financial returns.

Last but not least, this campaign is part of the solidarity partnership with the United Fund for Belgium association, which is making a financial contribution to the fight against social exclusion in Belgium.

In practical terms, for every new investor making an investment, BeeBonds will pass on part of its fees to United Fund for Belgium.

Listen to the episode : 

Project financed

1700487313 cover
Minimum: €1,500,000
Amount raised: €1,500,000

Finance the construction of a medical centre specialising in diagnosis and preventive healthcare in Antwerp.

Issue date



4 years

Interest rates


Minimum investment

500 €

Transcript of the full episode :

[00:00:28.640] - Francis Muyshondt
Hello everyone and welcome to the BeeBonds podcast. Today I'm pleased to welcome David Dumoulin. Hello David.

[00:00:36.480] - David Dumoulin

[00:00:37.740] - Francis Muyshondt
You are the project leader of our new Mediport campaign presented on the platform. David, thank you for accepting our invitation. Can you introduce yourself in a few words, David?

[00:00:49.580] - David Dumoulin
I worked for ING for 12 years where I gained a lot of experience. First of all, I'm a leasing expert. Leasing is interesting for me because it's a very diversified product with many different types of players on the market, including internationally. There is a specific leasing solution for every type of equipment and the leasing market has also been growing strongly for decades. There are good reasons for this, of course. Out of this passion, I also founded a company that deals with property leasing in Belgium. In addition, I work with Ernest Partners, which is a team of financial directors and analysts who can create financial models for companies. At Ernest, they have a solution for determining the ideal financing mix for companies. They process this into the model and also raise the money themselves from banks and other investors. It was also thanks to Ernest Partners that I learned about Mediport.

[00:01:47.950] - Francis Muyshondt
Can you explain what Mediport is?

[00:01:50.170] - David Dumoulin
Mediport, Medical Center is the commercial name. In concrete terms, Mediport is a multidisciplinary diagnostic and prevention centre located in the heart of Antwerp, close to ZNA Cadiz, Antwerp's new hospital. I like to emphasise the preventive aspect. You come to Mediport to find out what the state of your health is, and you should only go to hospital if an intensive procedure is necessary. That's how it works in other countries that are much more advanced in terms of healthcare organisation. This way of working is having a major impact, because hospitals are no longer overcrowded. We are removing bottlenecks. So they can work more efficiently and cost-effectively. Mediport is home to a variety of medical disciplines and specialisations in collaboration with various paramedics. For example, you can find cardiology, orthopaedics, gynaecology, urology, pneumology and physical medicine. The main focus is on a patient-centred service. We want to make better diagnoses by working with intelligent equipment, on the one hand, and getting these disciplines to work together, on the other. To give just one example, we have a rapid cardiology pathway where you get a full screening and response of your heart and vascular system in 1 hour and 50 minutes. Based on the results, you will be advised to adjust your lifestyle and, for example, you can receive an annual update via an even faster pathway. Everything goes much more smoothly. Doctors from other disciplines will also hold their consultations at Mediport and can make use of the high-tech infrastructure, the medical imaging and, as mentioned, the multidisciplinary setting.

[00:03:50.610] - Francis Muyshondt
David, why this fund-raising?

[00:03:51.870] - David Dumoulin
Location is very important to Mediport's business, both for patients and doctors. So Mediport started three years ago with a major investment in the building. Near the new Antwerp Hospital and last year the car parks were purchased under the building. These investments required a lot of own resources from the current shareholders. We are now at the point where all our efforts are coming to fruition. The interior finishing is in its final stages, and two, groups of doctors have joined and three, we have a strategic partnership with GE Healthcare for several sites. So now is the ideal time for us to get things right. In terms of financing, the building has cost more than expected and we can also use the funds raised to pay for the equipment. A good reason for this BeeBonds financing is that with the resources we can quickly take steps to develop new sites in Ghent, as well as bank financing for Ghent.

[00:04:58.970] - Francis Muyshondt
What are the strengths of the project?

[00:05:01.370] - David Dumoulin
First and foremost, the focus is on preventive healthcare. We all know that this aspect of healthcare is still not sufficiently in the spotlight today, even though it is very important. Mainly in the field of cardiology, but also in various other disciplines, we believe that more prevention is essential in our society. It's important that our investors understand how the healthcare sector works today and how it can do better in the future. So how does it work today? The GP is the first point of contact for the patient if they have a concern, but they don't have the high-performance equipment to make a good diagnosis. That's why the doctor will refer you to hospital. But the focus of a hospital is actually more on curative care and treatment. As a result, this way of working puts pressure on the hospital, which also means long waiting times for everyone. So there's a gap in Belgium for preventive care, and that's precisely Mediport's core business. By being able to detect and treat illnesses at an early stage with intelligent equipment, the patient can also save high costs and the government will also save money in this way. If we are at least healthy. What's more, when it's offered in an accessible, low-threshold way, like at Mediport, people will be more inclined to get screened.

The second point concerns the correct diagnosis. Measuring is knowing. And we do this by using medical imaging in collaboration with GE Healthcare, the world's largest medical device manufacturer. They provide advanced technological equipment and IT support for Mediport. Mediport will also serve as a promotion and training centre for GE Healthcare.

And thirdly, we are planning a very important multidisciplinary approach: Mediport patients will have access to several disciplines under one roof, as well as in-depth medical imaging, laboratory and paramedical disciplines, so that every link in the patient care process can be addressed. There are two advantages. One, it saves a lot of time in a patient's care pathway and two, this multidisciplinary approach also allows us to approach patients holistically to get a better diagnosis.

A fourth important point concerns the support and the setting. I invite everyone to come to Antwerp from August onwards, but I can say that at Mediport, you don't feel like you're entering a hospital. The patient flow has also been digitalised to enhance the experience. A fifth strong point, and of course also a very, very important one, is that the operations that have taken place have been reimbursed by the INAMI. We don't want to be a centre for people who have more resources than others. Everyone is welcome. And finally, the Mediport Medical Centre is not an individual establishment, but the first of six centres to come to Belgium. With this ambitious outlook for the future, we want to bring lasting innovation to the Belgian healthcare system. So investors need to look beyond Antwerp.

[00:08:47.990] - Francis Muyshondt
Why did you call on crowdlending and BeeBonds ?

[00:08:53.030] - David Dumoulin
It's very simple, we chose BeeBonds because of their flexibility and the more than 50 successes they've had in other cases. Also, because BeeBonds has a solid base with investors in Brussels and Wallonia, because we're not going to limit ourselves to Flanders and they need to get to know us now.

[00:10:13.990] - Francis Muyshondt
If you had a message for BeeBonds investors. What would you like to tell them?

[00:10:21.040] - David Dumoulin
I would like to say to everyone that an investment in Mediport is also support for better health for the Belgian population, following the developments and investments that are currently taking place in other countries. We all go to the garage to have our car serviced, it's a habit. We all go to the dentist every year. But we don't do it for our bodies, our hearts, our veins, our lungs. You need to be there early and take preventive action. That ensures a better quality of life and a longer life too.

[00:10:59.900] - Francis Muyshondt
That's the end of this episode. Thank you all for listening and, above all, thank you to David Dumoulin and much success.

[00:11:08.240] - David Dumoulin
Thank you, Francis. See you soon.

[00:11:13.520] - Elisa Brevet
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Volledige transcriptie van de aflevering

Francis Muyshondt
On Wednesday I asked David Dumoulin, the chairman of the Mediport board of directors, to review my appointment. Kan je iets meer over jezelf vertellen?

David Dumoulin
Yes. I've been with ING for two years now and I've made a lot of use of them. I am first and foremost a leasing expert and leasing is interesting for me because it is such a diverse product with many different types of dealers on the market. Ook internationaal en voor ieder type van kapitaalgoed is er ook een specifieke leasing-oplossing. De leasingmarkt kent ook tientallen jaren al een sterke groei, dus allemaal zeer interessant voor mij. And from this passie I have a bedrijf opgericht dat zich bezighoudt met onroerende leasing. That's why I work with Ernest Partners. Dat is een team van specialisten en analisten die financiële modellen maken voor bedrijven. Bij Ernest hebben ze een oplossing om de ideale funding mix voor bedrijven te bepalen.

Francis Muyshondt
Kan je een Mediport even voorstellen?

David Dumoulin
Uiteraard heel graag. Het is een medisch centrum en Mediport is de commerciële benaming. Mediport is a multidisciplinary, diagnostic and preventive centre based in Antwerp, close to ZAS Cadiz. This is the new hospital in Antwerp. I think it's important to look at the preventive aspect. I have to ask Mediport what the status of my health is. And according to our vision, people should always and everywhere go to the hospital, as it is an essential part of their lives. This is also the case in other countries where the organisation of health care is much less important. This way of working has a significant impact. If the equipment is installed, we will be able to use it more efficiently and effectively. Mediport offers a wide range of medical disciplines. Zo kan je er onder andere cardiologie, orthopedie, gynaecologie, urologie, pneumologie en fysische geneeskunde terugvinden. We will make a proper diagnosis by working on the first side with a simple approach and working on the second side with a combination of these disciplines, but there is one problem. We have a vast cardiology pathway where I can have a total screening and antwoord from my heart and chest within 1u15 min. In addition to the procedure, I am also advised to take my weight off my shoulders, and I can enjoy a long period of healthy exercise. It's always a lot of fun. Ook artsen van andere disciplines kunnen een dergelijke consultatie organiseren. Zij kunnen gebruik maken van de infrastructuur, de medische beeldvorming en zoals ook gezegd, de multidisciplinair setting.

Francis Muyshondt
En waarom wilt u precies kapitaal ophalen?

David Dumoulin
Mediport's activity is based on a very attractive location, both for patients and patients' carers. Mediport has been very active for several years now, with a major investment in the new building and the new hospital in Antwerp. And for the past few years, we have been working on the expansion of the car parks, with the help of the local authorities. And we are now at a point where all our ideas can be put into practice. The joint venture is in the lead, people are coming on board and we have a strategic partnership with GEHealthcare for more sites. This is the ideal time for us to make sure that our funding is always available. The site has more potential than ever before, and we can use the available resources to make up the rest. One of the most important reasons for BeeBonds' financial support is that we can use the funds to set up a new site in Ghent, in conjunction with banking finance.

Francis Muyshondt
Wat is vandaag het probleem op vlak van gezondheidszorg?

David Dumoulin
The antwoord is redelijk breed. I'll be doing a lot of work together on a number of fronts. First and foremost is the important focus on preventive health care. We are aware, however, that this approach does not come into the spotlight on the first day of the week, because it is so important. Cardiology in particular, but also a number of other disciplines, tell us that better prevention is needed in our field. That's why it's so important for us to find out how much we can prevent and how much we can prevent in the workplace. But what does it mean for men to be on the move? The home is the first point of contact for patients with serious complaints, but he/she does not always have a high-performance apparatus for making a good diagnosis. Dat is ook allemaal duur voor die dokter om dat aan te kopen. At the same time, the patient is transferred from the home to the clinic. However, the focus of a hospital is always more on care and treatment. And their model is also based on this. As a result of this way of working, there is a druk on the building, with also a lot of wachttijden for iedereen as gevolg.

Francis Muyshondt
Welke antwoorden kan Mediport hierop bieden?

David Dumoulin
This is why there is such a need for preventive care in Belgium, and why the Mediport is so active. Patients can take advantage of the high costs of treatment in areas where there is little or no space. And it's also important for us to know that we are doing the right thing. If the cattle are kept in an appropriate and efficient way, such as by Mediport, people will be able to screen better. The second point concerns the latest diagnosis. What we need to know is everything we need to know. Bij Mediport doen we dit aan de hand van medische beeldvorming in samenwerking met GE Healthcare, de grootste producent van medische apparatuur ter wereld. Zij zorgen voor geavanceerde technologische apparatuur, alsook de IT die ondersteuning biedt. And we're starting with Antwerp, which is the flagship for Belgium. Ten derde voorzien we een multidisciplinaire aanpak. The bezoekers of Mediport will be able to bring together a number of different disciplines, including a wide range of medical training, laboratory and paramedical disciplines, so that each discipline can be included in the patient's care.

Francis Muyshondt
Wat zijn de voordelen om zo te kunnen werken?

David Dumoulin
This means that I can spend a lot of time in a patient's care. And two. Thanks to this multidisciplinary approach, patients can also be given a holistic approach to diagnosis. Another important aspect is monitoring. We're really looking forward to seeing you in Antwerp in August. I can tell you that at the Mediport, I don't think that I'm going to be living in a hospital and that's a big deal. Everything is digitised and this also means that there's always something to look out for. The interventions that are planned are covered by the RIZIV. We should not be a centre for people who have fewer opportunities than other people. Others are also better off. And ten slotte zal Mediport niet een alleenstaand geval zijn, maar wel het eerste van de zes komende centra in België. With this ambitious vision, we will be able to break new ground in the Belgian health sector, and the investors will also be able to take advantage of the Antwerp transport network.

Francis Muyshondt
What can I do about crowdlending with BeeBonds?

David Dumoulin
But ons was het het eenvoudig en en niet moeilijk om die beslissing te maken. We have given BeeBonds the benefit of its flexibility and the more than proven success it has enjoyed in other dossiers, and also because BeeBonds has a stereotypical basis among Brussels and Wallonia investors. Want wij gaan ons vooral niet beperken tot Vlaanderen en ze moeten ons nu al leren kennen, vinden we.

Francis Muyshondt
And how can I be sure that the BeeBonds bondholders will not be forced to sell their bonds for the next ten years?

David Dumoulin
We can reduce our obligations by the amount of cash flow generated under the financial plan, but the reason for this is that we need a large investor to set it up, so we can reduce our obligations, and we need even more money to set aside for the development of more sites thanks to this large investor. The alternative is that, if we don't have enough money, we can use PMV funding to support crowdlending. We have a lot of business with this party and for us it's also a valuable opportunity to invest. But it's a shame we're doing this to ourselves. If Antwerp is only operational for a few years, we can also provide funding for the extra sites. Een ander scenario, dat we verkiezen, is dat we het gebouw in Antwerpen verkopen en met die middelen de obligatie terugbetalen.

Francis Muyshondt
En wat wil je tenslotte nog aan de beleggers van BeeBonds meegeven?

David Dumoulin
I can assure everyone that investing in Mediport is also a way of ensuring that the Belgian economy is properly managed. In navolging van de evoluties en investeringen die momenteel in andere landen plaatsvinden. We look forward to every year in the future. That's what we do. But we don't do that with our clothes, our clothes, our clothes. I've also read an article about people who use alcohol and roken. This means that people will be better off, but they will also see the genetic component. Soms heb je gewoon op dat vlak gewoon brute pech. And an increase in the number of children can make it easier for them to learn, but at the same time it can also make it harder for them to learn. This is why I should make sure that I take preventive action. It's a good idea to have a little more energy and also a lot more energy.

Francis Muyshondt
Bedankt David voor de toelichting en succes!


Inschrijven op een Fondsenwerving houdt voor de Belegger een risico in met betrekking tot de terugbetaling van het kapitaal en de betaling van de verschuldigde rente. Voordat te investeren, gelieve de Informatienota te lezen. Voor natuurlijke personen met hun fiscale woonplaats in België is de rente onderworpen aan een bevrijdende roerende voorheffing van 30%.