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Yust Liege: A new co-living concept near Guillemins station

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Discover the YUST Liège project. An exclusive new co-living project located opposite Guillemins station. Co-financed by BeeBonds.

The YUST property group is exporting its unique business model to Belgium, and has landed in Liège. It will be based in the new "Paradis Express" district and, along with La Grand Poste, is one of the most ambitious projects to mark the city's long-awaited renewal.

Giving people the flexibility to live where they want, for as long as they want, and with a level of services tailored to their needs, is what our society needs, and YUST seems to have understood this. The company offers its customers a unique concept of housing with integrated services. According to Stéphane Verbeeck, the project's founder, YUST is an inclusive space: "There's always life here: you'll find start-ups behind their MacBooks, families on citytrips, workers renting studios, events such as yoga classes, sunday brunches and parties that can take place on the building's various rooftops. It's a global project that's open to everyone, so a bar and restaurant will also allow locals to make the place their own."

The "co-living" experience, a new way of living


Co-living, a concept that combines coworking, sharing and socialising, is a new experience that has proved popular with millennials in recent years. Yust is at the forefront of the market in Belgium, offering a unique formula made up of three types of accommodation: long stay rooms, fully furnished studios with kitchens, and a hotel service with rooms ranging from standard rooms to luxury suites. For the more nomadic among us, dormitories accommodating up to 8 people will be available for residents who only need a bed, but still have access to communal areas and services.

A hybrid and resilient business model

"The entire hotel sector has been hard hit by the crisis. At Yust, our hybrid business model saved us. We proved once again that our long-stay offer gives us a degree of agility. In Antwerp, we switched from short-stay to long-stay rooms and were able to maintain occupancy at 55%," confides Stéphane Verbeeck. He admits that he has found a resilient and innovative hotel product that allows him to change tack, should the wind change.

Paradis Express: 'Yust' place to be!

The project is an integral part of an Éco-Quartier (Paradis Express) located in the heart of Liège on the esplanade of the Guillemins TGV station. A choice location for its founder: "If you look at Wallonia, Liège is one of the cities where the hotel industry has been aging for 20 years. The whole thing is undergoing a metamorphosis, with ambitious projects gradually taking shape and a new wind blowing through the city. We thought that the best place to set up would be near the international TGV station, which will attract both B2C and tourism. With the La Grand Poste project, Yust is part of the dynamic being pursued by the Mosane metropolis: a city home to ambitious, resilient and demanding projects that are definitely looking to the future.