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H2O Eco-Residence : Why invest in a property development in Verviers in 2021?


The H2O project involves converting a 19th-century woollen warehouse in Verviers into an eco-residence (Quasi Zero Energy).

An amount of €1,600,000 is being offered to investors as part of a BeeBonds campaign. This financing complements the main loan granted by Triodos Bank (an ethical bank whose values BeeBonds shares).

  • Why invest in property in Verviers? 
  • What are the strengths and positioning of the H2O residence? 
  • What is QZEN renovation? 

To answer these questions and present the project to you, we have invited the promoter, Mr Pierre Berryer, to answer 6 questions. 

Table of contents

Why invest in the Verviers property market? 

Pierre Berryer explains why he chose the City of Verviers for the H2O eco-residence project.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the city of Verviers was one of the world capitals of the wool industry. From its rich past, Verviers retains a remarkable building heritage. While the former wool-making town has experienced some notorious difficulties, it is also in the midst of a revival.

Property market experts know that high yields can be found in locations that are not very 'trendy', but where the need for housing is high. 

The Trends Real Estate Guide published on 1 September 2020 confirms investors' interest in Verviers town centre:

  • "The renewal of the town centre will also require the arrival of private investors to finance this transformation. Developers still seem to be present and are knocking on the city's door. Surprisingly, many of them are from Antwerp.
  • "[T]he difference between the existing market and the new market, the latter being particularly popular";
  • "The difference between an investment property in the centre of Liège and one in Verviers is enormous. Investors tell themselves that it will be difficult for prices to go any lower and that they can only get a good deal."

Why renovate a historic building? 

Pierre Berryer explains why, in his opinion, the renovation of existing buildings is an ecological imperative.

Why opt for 3-bedroom flats in Verviers?

Pierre Berryer explains why he chose to build 3-bedroom flats in the H2O eco-residence project in Verviers.

What is QZEN?

Understanding QZEN (Quasi Zero Energy) is not always easy. 

As part of the H2O funding campaign on BeeBonds, Pierre Berryer (the property developer) is helping you to understand the QZEN standard and its benefits for housing construction and building renovation.  

The Q-ZEN (Quasi - Zéro ENergie) standard is the future standard for new buildings: from 2021, all new buildings in Wallonia will have to consume almost zero energy.

According to the European directive on the energy performance of buildingsA near-zero energy building is: "A building with very high energy performance. The near-zero or very low amount of energy required should be covered to a very large extent by energy produced from renewable sources, in particular energy produced from renewable sources on site or nearby".

For almost 20 years, Invest&Corporate has been developing and registering the Eco-Residence concept, based in particular on laminated, glued and cross-laminated timber construction and meeting the Q-ZEn (virtually zero energy) standard, which will not be mandatory in Europe until 2022.

Why this price positioning?

The property market in Verviers is known for its stability (according to the latest available studies).

As part of the H2O fundraising campaign on, Pierre Berryer (the property developer) explains the price positioning for the H2O eco-residence project, set "in the low range" for new-build flats (QZEN).

The train in Verviers: A nuisance or an opportunity?

At a time when mobility is undergoing radical change, it's time to revisit clichés. 
These include the idea that the proximity of housing to trains is a nuisance. 

That, at least, is the view of Pierre Berryer, who points out in passing that QZEN-standard homes - such as the H2O Eco-Residence project in Verviers - also benefit from excellent acoustic insulation.